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Board of Directors
& Staff Leadership

Freddy E Proctor                                                      Board Chair/Chief Volunteer Officer

J. Nicci Unsicker                                                        Vice Chair

Traci Valdez                                                              Secretary

Joey Becker                                                              Treasurer

Hali Meador                                                               Board Member & Chair Emeritus


Katie Buchholz                                                          Board Member

Jack Birchfield                                                          Board Member & Safety Committee



Michael Patch            Chief Executive Officer            

Ja’el Banwell               Director of Programs                

Evelyn Jurardo           Administrative Assistant           

Open                            YDP/Teen Specialist                   

Our Team

Marlene                    Youth Development & Support                   Four Years with ABGC

Sadie                         Youth Development/Mentor Certified      Started School year 22-23

Rachelle                   Youth Development/Mentor Certified      Started School year 22-23

Josalynn                   Youth Development Summer                     Second Summer with Club - former youth member!

Ronald                      Youth Development Summer                     Second Summer with Club

Kylie                           Youth Development Summer                     Second Summer with Club

Sierra                         Youth Development Summer                    Second Summer with Club

Daniella                    Youth Development Summer                     former youth member

Victoria                     Youth Development Summer

Shelby                       Youth Development Summer

Aztec Boys & Girls Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. These means we are incorporated by the IRS to the service and benefit of the our community, Aztec New Mexico. All money raised is funneled back into youth services and our community.

The Club began running boxing and wrestling programs in 1971, but became an "OFFICIAL" Club the first week in November, 1973, when both the IRS and Boys Clubs of America legally recognized our charter. Since 1981 we have been formally recognized under our current name, the Aztec Boys & Girls Club.

As a "nonprofit chartered for public benefit", we have a VOLUNTEER (unpaid) Board of Directors who is empowered to hire a "Chief Executive" who then hires the staff and ensures the organization follows the directives of the Board, the laws of the state, and the requirements of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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