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Raffles & Fundraising


Every year, we hold raffles to raise funds to help children have a better future, increase their learning and allow them to be productive after school. The funds help children, they allow us to provide a better experience for the children while they spend their afternoons with us. 


We hold two raffles, the first is the world famous Harley Motorcycle Raffle!  In recent years, we have added options, letting YOU choose a gorgeous Harley OR a rugged RZR!  What is more, we offer multiple prizes, so the more tickets we sell, the more YOU could win! Make no mistake, these sweet rides offer the best of on road cruising and off road adventure!

in 2023 our Harley/RZR Raffle has BEGUN!

Click below to get your ticket TODAY!

Thank you! The 50/50 Raffle was AWESOME!

At Noon on January 30th, 2023, we drew our first raffle winner since we launched our new website!

The prize, HALF of a jackpot worth $25,950! And Mr. Ronald Lovato of Albuquerque, NM was the winner! Mr. Lovato was so surprised by the news he asked to sit down before we continued to chat! His half of the prize is $12,975! 

Congratulations, Mr. Lovato!  Next up, the BIG Harley/RZR Raffle!

We are the HOME of national raffles to support local kids!

Over the last 25 years we have given away houses, cabins, and cash.

Since 2000 we have given away about TWO-and-A Quarter MILLION dollars worth of Harley Davidson motorcycles!

Here are just some of our past winners!

2022   Robert Austin   New Mexico

2020   Bernadette Nevarez   New Mexico

2019   Gary Jefferson   Arkansas

2019   Peter Wicha   New York

2018   Mary Hartigan   Hawaii

2017   David Gudgel   New Mexico

2017   Ben Davis   Colorado

2017   Mike Pollard   Colorado

2017   David Richardson   Washington

2017   Dana Gunn   Arizona

2017   Sam Henry   New Mexico

2016   Patrick Burke   Washington

2016   Brad Pier   Colorado

2016   Scott Ritzema   Colorado

2016   Deborah Stroud   New Mexico

2016   Rosita Vallejos   Utah

2015   Curley Lawson   Texas

2015   Donny Garcia   New Mexico

2015   Eloise Chilcote   Arizona

2015   LaRae Henderson   New Mexico

2015   Fernando Trujillo   Texas

2015   Larry Wheat   Arizona

2014   Christopher Paul   Michigan

2014   Patrick Burke   Washington

2014   Timothy Payne

2013   Jon Rasmussen   Arizona

2013   Jennifer Younkin    Arizona

2013   Chuck Wilcox   New Mexico

2013   Kenneth Martin   New Mexico

2013   J. D. Morey   New Mexico

2013   Richard Davis   New Mexico

2013   Scott Freeman   Arizona

2013   Randy Cunningham   Indiana

2012   Don Wiggington & David Powell   Texas

2012   Albert Plant   Arizona

2012   William Israel   New Mexico

2012   Marcus Arias   New Mexico

2012   Victor Archuleta   New Mexico

2012   Daniel Sokol   Arizona

2012   Rick Zarobsky   New Mexico

2011   Todd Sharpe    Colorado

2011   Parnell Thomas   Utah

2011   Fred Chaves   New Mexico

2011   Jason Lowe   New Mexico

2011   Christopher Denison   Colorado

2011   Michael Hulbert   Colorado

2011   Glenn Rondeau   New Mexico

2010   W.R. Cook, Jr.   North Carolina

2010   Donald Ray Hodges   New Mexico

2010   Roger W. Smith   New Mexico

2010   Scott Ritzema   Colorado

2010   Fernando N. Sanchez   New Mexico

2010   Ken Lewis   Colorado

2010   Steve Schwartz   Colorado

2009   Wallace Maples   Tennesse

2009   Steve Paul   West Virgina

2009   Randal Weston   New Mexico

2009   Rasnick   Florida

2009   Briggs   California

2009   Kenneth Weil   Arizona

2009   Donna Wallace   Texas

2008   Joseph Ergle   Texas

2008   Stephen Toles   Arizona

2008   James Doran   New Mexico

2008   Roger Ensor    New Mexico

2008    Reynold Becenti   New Mexico

2008   Ben Stair   New Mexico

2008   Bennie L. Wooley   New Mexico

2008   Jeff Holcomb   New Mexico

2007    Rick Standridge    New Mexico

2007    Gerald Johnson   Nevada

2007   Mike Hall   New Mexico

2007   Lynn Thompson   Arizona

2007   John Hogan   Washington

2007   Jon Easton   Oklahoma

2007   Eddie Vance   New Mexico

2006   Marie Barry   Wyoming

2006   Spence Oviatt   New Mexico

2006   George Powell   New Mexico

2006   Ted Bates   New Mexico

2006   Shirl Robinson   Montana

2006   Charles J. Maestas   New Mexico

2006   Jerry Koskie   Colorado

2006   Jon & Anna Buck   New Mexico

2005   Ronnie & Annette Martinez    New Mexico

2005   Mike Silva   New Mexico

2005   Gary Barnhill   Texas

2005    Erik Berlin   Arizona

2005   Terry Schlittgen   Colorado

2005    Debra Magee   New Mexico

2004   Gary L. Seal   New Mexico

2004    George L. Ward    Texas

2004   George C. Piches   New Mexico

2004   Steve Wamel    New Mexico

2004    Jose Toriano    Texas

2003   Tim Sjoberg   New Mexico

2002   Robin Crossno   New Mexico

2002    Susan Lewis    New Mexico

2002   Joe Lemer   Texas

2001   Betty Martinez   Colorado

2000    Ralph McCarty   Mississippi

About our 2023 Harley/RZR Raffle

We give away the Grand Prize on May 6th, and the "instant" winners along the way when 1500 tickets sell and again when we reach a total of 2500 tickets sold.  
·         When we give away "instant winners" everybody's name is put back in the bin for the Grand Prize.

·         At the current rate it would be 7 weeks until we give away that first Bike… Could we pick it up a bit and get there sooner? TELL A FRIEND!

·         You have already raised over $12,000 for youth programming!  However, we do BUY the motorcycles/RZRs with the proceeds, so we have a ways to go! Help us raise more $ AND give away more bikes!

·         With change in funding streams due to COVID and our local economy, we are particularly in need of your support this year. This Raffle is our biggest fundraiser, with tickets sold across the country and even into Canada and Mexico. 

·         We do discourage ticket buyers from California; however. California emissions laws mean the bike or RZR you win from us would be difficult to license in the Golden State. Sorry, but we want to be fair and upfront.

·         Also, recently had a phone call saying we don’t advertise our winners. Please SCROLL DOWN on the raffle ticket page of our website.  We have added a list celebrating over 20 years of WINNERS!

·         We sell both “hard paper” tickets and online tickets, so your ticket number may not match the number of tickets sold.

·         Because we print the online tickets to go in the selection barrel with the “hard” tickets, we recently had someone ask a great question about the difference in paper. We do try to make both sets of tickets as similar as possible; however, we then go an extra step and utilize a leaf blower while spinning our selection barrel.  The dual agitation of mixes tickets randomly while keeping them from settling out by weight.

·         The prize color of the bike or RZR may be different from the one advertised, depending on dealer stock and availability.

·         Have other questions or want to see something else on our website?  We appreciate your support and we will do whatever we can to return the favor!


Grand Prize Drawing will be LIVE at 3 PM Mountain Time at the 550 Taproom in Aztec, NM on May 6!

The Grand Prize is YOUR CHOICE of either a 2023 Road Glide Special OR a RZR XP4 1000!


Aztec Boys & Girls Club has raffled Harleys and MORE for 25 years! Over TWO-MILLION dollars worth in motorcycles given away to winners near and far! 

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