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Our Programs & Registration


At Aztec Boys and Girls Club we offer a variety of options for everyone.

Please contact the Club for more information:


Why We're Special
Kids are KEY and our Members are special. Safety and Fun are both central to what we do.

Our Purpose is to support education, enrichment, health and citizenship through fun programs geared toward the physical, mental and social well being of the youth in our community.

Dedicated Youth Facility
We are in a facility designed solely for youth programs and activities and located central to the Aztec community.

Membership is open to all youth between the ages of six and eighteen regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, national origin, social, or economic background.  

Open Daily
The Club is open every day after school, when kids have free time and need positive productive outlets

How to Join
Applications for membership are available at the Club and must be signed by a parent or guardian. Dues are $15.00 annually.  Program fees are additional and scholarships are available for those in need.

Professional Staff
Our Club has trained youth development professionals providing positive role models and mentors. Volunteers provide key supplementary support.

Funding Sources
Primary sources of funding are Raffles, Special Events, Grants, Corporate and Individual Donations, and San Juan United Way allocations. Our facility is provided through the City of Aztec, with grants from San Juan County and program-specific funding from state sources. However, governmental sources make up less than 15% of our budget. 

Available and Affordable to All Youth
The Club reaches out to kids who cannot afford, or may lack access to other programs. This year nearly 20% of our active members received full or partial scholarships.

To register New Members, please call the Aztec Boys & Girls Club at 505-334-8861

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