• Visiting The Four Corners Monument

    Members pose for a picture in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado!! Is that possible? It is at the Four Corners National Monument!

  • Making African Tribal Masks

    Alexis shows off her African tribal mask while face painting at the Club!

  • African Dance

    Members practice a tribal dance led by Junior Staff Jeramiah Lucero while studying about kids in Africa.

  • Fish Hatchery Museum

    Members explore the museum at the Durango Fish Hatchery.

  • Swimming Day

    Members “chillax” and cool down at the Bloomfield Aquatic Center.

  • Cooling Off

    Emily takes the plunge at the Bloomfield Aquatic Center.

  • Rock Climbing Day

    Members rock climbing in Durango, CO.

  • I Can Do This

    Joe “going for it” on the rock wall in Durango, Co.

  • Visit To Wolfwood Refuge

    Members pet “Trucker” while visiting at the Wolf Refuge in Ignacio, Co.

  • Wolfwood Refuge

    Lyndsay, Emily and Trucker smile pretty for the camera at the Wolf Refuge.

  • Hosting Zoo To You

    The Club hosts “Zoo to You” allowing members to learn about different animals and reptiles!