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For over 45 years, the Aztec Boys Girls Club has served the youth and families of Aztec and the surrounding area. Over 100 kids a day take part in programs meant to build strong character, healthy bodies and sharp minds.

Our Main Club facility contains a dual basketball court, outdoor playground, a game room, a technology lab, art room and a concession stand. Our Main Club serves members ages 6 years old until they reach the 6th grade.  Our Teen Center is for our Middle School and High School age members.  The Teen Center is its own site, where teens can gather for games, recreation and programs appropriate for older members who are seeking to explore their own lives and the larger community.

Our youth are members, with the responsibilities and benefits of membership in an active community organization!  Volunteerism, sportsmanship, leadership and kindness are valued.  We are building the next generation.

While our membership fees are low, these programs have costs, which we fund through grants, donations, community support and raffles.  From our little Club in our small New Mexico town, our raffles have become world famous!  What is more, the funds raised support the larger community!  A 2015 study, conducted by the University of Michigan, estimated that every $1 invested in a Boys & Girls Club returns $9.60 in earning and cost savings to the community!  This means our local Club is worth $3,000,000 annually to Aztec and the surrounding area!

We hold two different raffles every year. The first is our Harley Davidson raffle and the second in our 50 50 raffle. Our Harley Davidson raffle is motorcycle raffle that includes models such as Road King Classics, Softail Classics, Street Glide Classics and more. There is also a cash prize with that raffle. Our second raffle is a 50 50 raffle where the money collected is then split between the club and the winner. We hope that you will support us in upcoming raffles.
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Please come by for a tour of the facility.







Are you one of those that DREAM of the open road, the wind rushing past and the whole world ahead of you?






Or are you one of those that DREAM of the deep woods, the unbeaten path, the trail few take?







For 18 past years, Aztec Boys & Girls Clubs have offered the DREAM of Harley Davidson Motorcycles!  This, the 19th year of our raffle, we are GIVING YOU A CHOICE! 




We have REIMAGINED our Raffle this year to give you a choice, whether it is a DREAM of the open road or conquering the mountain!


Starting FRIDAY, December 1 you can go to and buy a ticket, or call 505-334-8861, or 1-800-461-1238 after 9 AM Mountain Time and get your CHOICE of a DREAM.


Do you dream of Harley’s open roads, or do you dream of Polaris RZRs wild backwoods?


WHAT??? You don’t know what a RZR is?  Check this out…


SO, when you buy a ticket for this year’s raffle, you enter into a drawing for YOUR CHOICE of EITHER a

2018 Polaris Rzr XP4 1000 EPS or a 2018 Harley Davidson Road King Special


Winner to be selected on Friday, April 6 at 4PM,  BUT, you will also be entered into a progressive drawing.  Every 1000 tickets we sell, we will give away another prize!  The earlier you buy your ticket, the more prizes you are eligible for!


At 1000 tickets sold, winner gets a choice of a RZR S 900 or an HD Lowrider Softail!


At 2000 tickets sold, winner gets a choice of a RZR XP 1000 EPS or an HD SportGlide


At 3000 tickets sold, winner gets a choice of a RZR S4 900 or an HD Fatbob 114


Then, if we sell 3500 tickets, you get a choice of EITHER the awesome 168 hoursepower Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo or the incredible 3-wheeled 2018 Harley Davison Freewheeler!


WE PROMISE not to sell more than 3500 tickets, so your odds are awesome!




Tickets are ONLY $100 each or 3 for $250!


If you have any issues purchasing your tickets you can call 505-334-8861 or 1-800-461-1238…  but the numbers aren’t answered on weekends, so call Friday!


That first DREAM could go quickly!  ONLY 1000 tickets until we draw!


Which one will YOU choose.  What is your DREAM


Please share this info with a friend so that more of our resources can go to work with kids!

You are the best source of advertising we have!


The 2018 Dream Big Raffle Starts in




Total Tickets Sold:






 November Youths Of The Month

Aztec Boys & Girls Club is proud to announce our Youths of the Month for November.  Youth of the Month is a tradition of Boys & Girls Clubs across the Country.  Youths are selected based on behavior, leadership and attitude in the Clubs during the prior month as a part of broader programs intended to help build good citizenship in the community.

The Youth of the Month for November at our Main Club on Ash Street is Emmalee Fogha!

While only 6 and still fairly new to the Club, Emmalee has a huge personality and an endless amount of positive energy.  Since she has come to the Club, this little dynamo attends almost every day, taking part in programs from Power Hour (homework help) to art to game room and gym programs.  She is willing to try everything and is always a leader in participation and great attitude.  

We look forward to watching Emmalee grow up in our Club house!

Our Teen Center this year moved onto the Campus of Koogler Middle School.  In doing so we doubled our Teen (and Tween) participation.  As such, we have a great mixture of long-time Club kids, as well as many new faces.  Our Teen Youth of the Month is one of those newer faces, Damon Williford!   12-year-old Damon was nominated by Teen Coordinator Tanner LaBlanc based on what Tanner called “Damon’s everlasting courage to be himself.”
Damon is being recognized for the non-stop optimistic attitude he portrays on a daily basis, guiding others to have a positive Club experience!  He models kindness and respect in his words and actions within the Club and has blossomed in his short time with us into an emerging leader.

Aztec Boys & Girls Club will be recognizing two outstanding members every month and we hope the community will recognize and appreciate the fine young people who will someday be our leaders in the Four Corners.  Congratulations Emmalee and Damon.


50/50 Raffle WINNER!

Winning Ticket Number - 602

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket in this year’s 50/50 Raffle.  You are all stars for supporting our kids and our programs working with youth.

As some friends of the Club know, it has been a hard year, with many funding sources leaving town or closing shop.  We are serving kids more in need of services and support.  Our resources have been thin.  We were SO grateful earlier this year when Henry Production, Inc of Farmington donated a bike to us for a special raffle.  That raffle raised much needed funds that allowed us to pay bills this summer when money was scarce.

The money didn’t last long, and our 50/50 Raffle came just in time!

So now, I have another wonderful individual to talk about.  Chep Gauntt of Washington State is originally from Roswell, NM.  He has bought tickets from us for Harley Raffles and 50/50 Raffles for years, supporting the youth of this area.  Recently, he even came through San Juan County and personally saw some of the shops closed up and the need for resources in the community.  His wife got online for him and bought his tickets for the 50/50 Raffle.  Yesterday, he told her that if they won, he would make a donation back to the kids in the Club.
TODAY, just after 3 PM, Chep’s name was pulled as winner of our $17,500 50/50 pot.  He WON half the pot, or $8,750!

Then started a game of phone tag as I tried to call this gentleman in far off Kennewick, WA.  First I spoke to his sweet wife.  She called him, then he called me back.  I told him the good news that he was a WINNER.  Then he told me something completely unexpected.  Chep Gauntt donated all his winnings BACK to youth programming in the Club.  He donated it because he thought the kids needed it more than he did.

I am not a man short on words.  I was speechless.  His generosity and selflessness nearly brought me to tears.  Thank you, Chep.

So to all of you that bought tickets, I am grateful to you for supporting the Club.  I am proud to tell you that thanks to Chep Gauntt, 100% of the 2017 50/50 Raffle will go directly to supporting kids .  

Thank you all!



Total Raffle Pot



The 2017 Harley Raffle Winners Are

First Prize

Michael Pollard
Erie, Colorado
Ticket #1404
Road Glide Special

Mr. Pollard called our Executive Director back from the Costco parking lot!  He said “You’re Kidding me” when Mike Patch told him.  He then told our Director a story about having bought tickets for 7 or 8 years now, ever since he had to give up his “good” bike after a fight with cancer.  He has been riding around on an old “beater” and is looking forward to a NICE ride again.  He even put me on speaker phone so I could give him the news a second time so his wife could hear.  However, since they were in a parking lot and a little overwhelmed by the news, he also asked for a chance to make up his mind on the bikes. Congratulations Michael!

Second Prize

David Richardson
Colfax, Washington
Ticket #707
Heritage Softail Classic

Mr. Richardson said, says "we have been doing this for years!  This is great"
Congratulations David

Third Prize

Dana Gunn
Buckeye, Arizona
Ticket #366

Mike Patch reached Dana at home.  Ms. Gunn realized immediately when she saw his call “where” and “why” he was calling, so when he asked how she was today, she said “I’m FANTASTIC”.  Dana was excited and anxious to tell her husband that she WON, as soon as he gets home.  She said it was ironic that she “had to move away to win.”  She is a Farmington native, born and raised here, but moved away three years ago.

Fourth Prize

Ben Davis
Hudson, Colorado
Ticket #964
Low Rider S

Ben and his brother came down on 5/31 and picked up his new ride.
Ben has been purchasing raffle tickets for years.  Thanks Ben!


On behalf of Aztec Boys & Girls Club – THANK YOU!

Much of the Four Corners motorcycle community came out Saturday to help the Aztec Boys & Girls Club.  The 18th Annual Harley Davidson Raffle wrapped up at the 550 Brewing Taproom & Beer Garden in downtown Aztec. Over a hundred people came for music, fun, food and suds… and to wish for their ticket to be pulled!

The Raffle, which began in January, already saw a 2017 Street Glide Special go to Early Bird Winner David Gudgel.  His ticket, number 734, was pulled as soon as we hit 1500 tickets sold.

On Saturday, Kirk James Blues Band kicked things off at noon, with good tunes throughout the afternoon, only punctuated by announcements and drawings for mini-raffles.  The mini-raffles gave the audience a $5 or $10 chance at winning actual tickets for the bikes.  

Also at Noon, ticket sales by phone and online shut down, giving us a chance to print, cut and get all the tickets to the event.

Meanwhile, at the Beer Garden in downtown Aztec, the music played, Bryan BBQ dished out grub, 550 Brewing poured suds and we sold tickets while giving away others in mini-raffles.  Finally, just after 3 PM, the tumbler began to spin.  The first name drawn- Michael Pollard!  Mike Pollard of Erie, CO would later select the Road Glide Special.  Mr. Pollard’s winning ticket was number 1404.  

Then, ticket number 707 was drawn.  Ticket Holder David Richardson of Colfax, WA would select the Heritage Classic.  He is planning a trip this weekend to get his bike!  

The third ticket drawn, number 366, belonged to Dana Gunn of Buckeye, AZ.  Dana was born and raised in Farmington, and only moved away three years ago.  Now she gets to come back and claim the beautiful 2017 Fatboy!

Finally, ticket number 964 was drawn from the barrel and Mr. Ben Davis of Hudson, CO called to notify him of his good fortune in being selected winner of the Lowrider S.  Mr. Davis wasted no time coming down to claim that bike, as he and his brother swept into town Wednesday to load it up!

Congratulations to all of our winners and THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket.  Your efforts support so many children, so many activities that a few words are not enough.  Please know we appreciate it and wish everyone who gave could ride away on a dream bike!  

While enough good things cannot be said about our supporters, please know this has been a difficult year for the Club, with cuts from both government agencies and private grants.  Harley Raffle ticket sales were slow to start and were never able to catch up, putting us in some strained circumstances.  

However, due to the generosity of a local business, we may be able to offer another effort shortly to offer YOU another great chance to win.  Hot on the heels of the 18th Annual Harley Raffle, we are still looking at the best way to put this kind offer and all the support you and all our friends give each year to best use.  Keep watching for an announcement, SOON!

Good luck in all your future endeavor



 The Winner of the Early Bird Drawing is ...

David Gudgel
Albuquerque, NM
Ticket Number 734
2017 Street Glide Special

Mr. Gudgel said "You're kidding me, you're kidding me, you are kidding me!"
and then "Awesome, you made my day."

Congratulations to Mr. Gudgel!!!

Street Glide Special



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50/50 Raffle Described

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With the 50/50 Raffle, The Winner gets 50% of the Total Money Raised and We Get The Other 50%. We do not spend any money promoting or publicizing the raffle so all of the ticket sales proceeds go into the pot. With this raffle ‘the more the merrier’, so please share this with your co-workers and email contacts and tweet and use Facebook if you like because for every dollar raised, 50% of that dollar gets won by the lucky winner.


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