50/50 Raffle

For 12 years we have run a 50/50 Raffle for a few weeks in the early Fall.  It is a quick way to support kids programming just as school goes back into session AND win some quick cash.   

What we do in a 50/50 raffle is we raise funds by selling cheap tickets and all those funds go into a pool. After the raffle is over the winner is called up and is given half of the money and the children at the Aztec Boys and Girls Club benefit from the other half. That money goes to support the program that supports the children. These kids need a great after school program and we aim to give it to them. They need a great place to go when they are out of school in the summer and we plan on giving them a great experience.

Would you join us in the next 50-50 raffle? It’s a great way to help your community. Below you will see just one possibility of the earnings you could have.


The Winner Of The 2021 50/50 Raffle was
Joseph Polaceck of Idaho!


THANKS to everyone who purchased tickets to help out the KIDS