Harley Davidson Raffles

After we started in 1983 we quickly realized that in order for these wonderful children to get what they deserved we would need to build them a new building. So we started to raffle cabins in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. Then we realized that what people need in this world, is a good Harley Davidson Motorcycle. So we started to pick the best Harleys and give them away. We never called it a Harley giveaway, but our raffle tickets are so cheap it feels like you are getting a free motorcycle. The Harley Davidson Raffle is probably one of the most fun, and exciting times of the year. We have a great time putting these raffles on and really enjoy the raffle day when we throw a party to announce the winners. Please join us for the next raffle here in Aztec New Mexico. This raffle is a mainstay for us and it helps us to provide the best for these children, so they can have a great head start on the rest of their lives.


Get your tickets right away to win one of these sweet bikes in the next Motorcycle Raffle!!!